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Corporate and Regulatory Information
UNMETERED is a Canadian Regional Telecommunications Commission registered Internet services provider, owned by the Alam family and their interests throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas; headquartered in Burnaby, BC, Canada. It's our responsibility to make available and organize the maintenance of high quality cost-effective infrastructure for our members.

Our Basic International Telecommunications Services (BITS) license is valid until July 24, 2027

We're passionate about serving

Built to serve our own family's needs without compromise : our lives and projects rely on our networks as well as provides access to others Our particularly stringent demand for cost-effective quality stems from strong self-interest
our loved ones use these resources, we demand only the best potential for all of them

Head Office : Burnaby, BC, Canada
Market : Worldwide ; Better Business Bureau
Most Popular Product : UNMETERED.Direct
Most Popular Product Line : UNMETERED.Online
Operating Model : Value-Added Reseller & Wholesaler
Product Lines :    Online,    Pro,    Business

UNMETERED is a signatory of the UN Global Compact and complies with it's ten principles surrounding
 Human Rights
It is the contention of UNMETERED (Canada) that the word "unmetered" is freely available for use by anybody for any purpose provided they follow the dictionary definition of said English adjective.
"Host Europe GmbH" has word-marked "UNMETERED" (2015). To the best of our knowledge, the current owners of the domain "unmetered.com" (the aforementioned entity) acquired the intellectual and web properties after UNMETERED was registered as a global network (with some "unmetered" properties in our portfolio registered in 2007) to make a claim towards "UNMETERED".
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6360 Kingsway
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3rd Floor, 457/2 South Paikpara
Mirpur, Dhaka 1207 Bangladesh

RPO Creekside Box 47051
Calgary, AB T3P0A0 Canada

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Doing what Steve Jobs
( Apple's co-founder )
inspired so many around the world to consider #ThinkDifferently gave us the freedom to see new worlds of possibilities

- Ahsanul Sean Alam, Founder, UNMETERED ClearingHouse

The History of UNMETERED

An Autonomous Billing, Provisioning and Management Platform

Investing in solutions, not ads*

If you've never heard of us or haven't seen us on one of those "Top 10" lists online, it's because we won't pay to be placed. We utilize excess revenues towards donating equipment to partners, expanding our access to global network resources and more. * An annual listing expense is paid to be on the front page of CanadianISP.ca in appreciation of the awareness they bring to Canadians. We also seek to empower causes like Unist'ot'en Camp
  • 1988

    Packaging Depot is formed (a broker of shipping things)

    Opens first location in Vancouver, BC at 5524 Cambie Street then goes on to open a handful more across the lower mainland : the demand is steady, the market is strong in every globalized city inhabited by folks with loved ones around the world. Burnaby becomes HQ.

  • 2008

    Creation of Infrastructure Unit at Packaging Depot HQ

    A simple mission : autonomously maintain standards on all the fundamental services required to conscientiously operate our multi-location businesses economically ; so franchisees wouldn't be at the whims of public companies for critical services as aggressive growth is pursued.

  • 2012

    UnmeteredInternet.com Expanded to UNMETERED Corporation

    Beginning with the basic connectivity services required to keep our retail locations connected to both the Internet and our offsite CCTV recording solutions : Packaging Depot's internal demands are beyond what most consumers receive in the marketplace ; we wanted more at a stable un-excessively-inflated rate... then ensured our stringent standards are maintained : achieved through service level agreements and proficient management policies.

  • 2013

    UNMETERED Corporation Evolved into UNMETERED.IO

    What's the difference? The corporation owned properties and other assets to build networks : the ClearingHouse empowers pre-existing partners to our monitored standards without having to build anything new (unless needed by demand)! A greater level of efficiency than before...

  • 2015

    UNMETERED.IO Creates   Online, Business & Pro

    A means of separating and organizing the service types and tiers : ranging from no SLA (UNMETERED.Pro; developer and techie products and services engineered for extreme scalability), 99.9% uptime (UNMETERED.Online; general purpose services) and 100% uptime SLA (UNMETERED.Business ; solutions operating on ultra-redundant systems). All services come with the ability to request for service level credits on any non-scheduled outages. UNMETERED.Business products and services are committed to seamless operations even during maintenance windows (by utilizing resources across multiple regions concurrently).

  • 2016

    UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse : Member counter over a thousand!

    Amongst the imperatives of the Alam family (the founders of this organization : traditionally teachers that span the globe but some of us have interpreted this as a responsibility to distribute knowledge to everybody ; kind of like "UNMETERED"?) taught us to do : work hard towards honourable objectives without expecting unfair rewards ; how do you think we're doing? Thanks to those who have joined!

    We're just getting started : demand more, even from us... so we can leave future generations something great : not debt and hate.

UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse expands operations by autonomously meeting members' needs and establishing regional service provider relationships with only the best carriers for ever-growing coverage areas to our standards & policies.