UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse is a global billing, provisioning and service management platform for our affiliates, founders and members serving in thirteen (13) currencies across various service types. Engineered by professionals who refuse to accept constricted offerings.

Principles  &  Values

UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse

The People Involved

Who signs up to these services? All Sorts!

Not like most 'companies' in the world on multiple levels : we dared do what Apple's co-founder ( Steven Jobs ) inspired so many around the world to consider #ThinkDifferently ; and with that freedom we saw whole new worlds of possibilities... - Ahsanul Sean Alam, Vancouver

So... Who are they? Where are they?

Well there isn't really anybody : everybody that answers phones and more are either contracted outsourced member care associates from UNMETERED.Team or volunteer regional administrators. When we said we we're economically privileged : that's exactly what we mean ; we don't usually pay people to help us accomplish our objectives because they're intelligent as to understand & economically strong to support our activities already... Volunteers are re-numerated on the premise there are so many ways to utilize the resources at their allowable whim that an income should be engineer-able by any conscientious soul.
Realtime Map of Members : Demanding the highest qualities cost-effectively available!

UNMETERED.SolutionsBroad Range of Products & Services

Get the most out of your life by not holding yourself back on the account of artificial limits and unnecessary costs : a new class of conscientious carrier!

UNMETERED.SupportLive Chat, Ticket or Phone ... Call or Write!

24/7 Support using the UNMETERED.IO ClientArea. If you have a network emergency, just dial the support number for your region & dial "0".

UNMETERED.Partners Associates and Vendors

Utilizing scalable workforce services such as UNMETERED.Team for repetitive and/or scripted task completion : can we help you build anything?

UNMETERED.IOPremium Quality Services, Consistent Values

Constantly expanding offerings deliver many components for a simpler and more limit-free lifestyle... the UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse experience

Packaging Depot Inc.
Multiple Locations in BC
Multiple Services since 2012
Hertz Rent-A-Car
Multiple Locations in AB
UnmeteredDSL since 3/2016
TLA Online
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredDSL since 2/2016
TechFutures Interactive
Multiple Locations in BC
UNMETERED Colo & DSL since 3/2014
Cartel Communications
Langley, BC, Canada
UnmeteredDSL MLPPP since 9/2015
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredDSL since 1/2014
Van. Christian Schools Assn.
Multiple Locations in BC
UnmeteredCable & UnmeteredDSL