Datacenters / Facilities by UNMETERED.IO

Partnered Data Center Features & Standards

UNMETERED.IO partners with and invests in data centers around the world. Services provided in our Data Centers include rack space, power, helping hands, state-of-the-art environmental controls and, of course, full connectivity services (Dedicated Internet Access, IP Transit and Ethernet Point-to-Point).

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Power Systems

AC Power Supply Voltage of 220/230V (Europe) or 110/115V (US) is based on a power supply system with battery backup and is usually supplied via the public utility company energy supply network. If the public energy supply network fails, facility emergency diesel generator ensures the power supply. The maximum down -time before the emergency power supply starts is approx. 15 sec. The telecommunications equipment is connected to the 220/230V or 110/115V AC power supply via junction boxes situated under the raised floor. Connection to the junction boxes is carried out by facilities only.

Battery Backup Runtime The battery backup systems are designed to support the AC and DC power needs of the facility for up to 4 hours. This creates a level of power redundancy that allows partners to make alternative energy generation / supply arrangements or repairs in the event there are simultaneous utility and generator failures.

DC Power Supply Voltage is provided by an uninterruptible power supply system with battery backup. If the public energy supply network fails, an emergency diesel generator ensures the power supply. The maximum emergency generator response time of 15 sec is bridged by the battery backup system. The raised floor conceals DC bus cabling to which the equipment of the customer is connected.

Fuel-Based Generator Systems All partner facilities maintain power backup system based on a diesel/gas generator(s) and batteries ensures the voltage supply for the AC and/or DC power levels if the public energy supply network fails. The maximum emergency generator response time of 15 sec is bridged by the battery backup systems.

Uninterruptible Power Systems All partner facilities maintain UPS systems to bridge the period between public energy failure and emergency power supply starts (approximately 15 seconds), most sites have central uninterruptible power supply systems to ensure the power supply to facility routing and other support systems.

Environmental / Fire Systems

Building Control Technologies Site management specifics include intrusion alarm systems, fire alarm systems with early warning integration, power monitoring systems, and air-conditioning monitoring systems. The fuse monitoring system monitors power supply systems, the emergency generators and the air-conditioning systems. The alarms are sent to the partner and UNMETERED.IO ClearingHouse Network Operations and Management Centers (NOC/NMC).

Customized Cabling The data and power cables are installed in the raised floor in pre-installed cable runs. All cabling in the raised floor is installed by facilities technicians only. Some datacenters also have cable runs mounted in the ceiling or using ladder cabling racks.

Fire Alarm Systems The fire alarm system in the datacenters includes an early warning system with smoke intake and an automatic fire alarm system. The fire alarm systems may include smoke intake and a leakage monitoring systems which monitor water-bearing pipes and the A/C systems.

Fire Extinguishers Hand-held fire extinguishing equipment with a CO2 filling according fire codes are available at all colocation facilities. Automatic water-less fire extinguishing equipment and systems (including Gas Suppression systems) are installed in most partner datacenters.

Intrusion Alarm Systems The intrusion alarm system includes the protection of doors, ventilation, cable ducts and, if necessary, of the windows.

Raised Floors All partner datacenters have standard raised flooring to supply fresh air to the cabinets and to supply hidden area for power supply and data cables. Raised floor panels are constructed of anti-static material which is grounded. Adequate space is engineered in the raised floor for linking up cables and supplying the equipment with fresh air. Inquire for site specifics on the load-bearing capacity of raised flooring if sending higher density equipment such as SAN and Blade Chassis racks.

Network / Security

Access Control Entrance systems minimally consist of video cameras, an intercom system (in some sites) and magnetic card reader to protect partner datacenters from unauthorized access. UNMETERED.IO co-ordinates access permissions to the locations with management at datacenters. The access authorizations for the rooms within the location are individually restricted.

Cabinets and Racks Cabinets are generally provided by facilities. Cabinet specifications vary by site. Please inquire for site specifics or if you have special colocation equipment housing needs or requirements. Standard cabinets are installed in the general colocation area or in a separate colocation room.

CoLocation Area The colocation area for customers is typically separated from the interconnection areas of the facility. From the entrance area, customers can only access the colocation area. Height of the colocation area varies by site. Please inquire with specifics for special requirements.

Local InterConnects Local Access Providers (LAPs or Telcos) are either situated in the colocation area or within a separate facilities vendor area. Connecting between local access providers / telecommunications companies and colocated customers is performed by facilities technicians.

On-Site Technical Staff Members have easy support through written tickets/requests through the UNMETERED.IO ClientArea Network Operations and Management Center staff. Not all locations offer 24/7/365 remote-hands support representatives. Options include telephone access to reach the on-site technicians to perform administrative functions; and after-hours ( outside 9-5 ) facility access.

Private CoLocation Cage(s) For customers with space requirements of larger than standard cabinet footprints, facilities optionally provide separate colocation room(s) for the sole use of customer(s). This room is typically separated from the general colocation area by wire mesh grids.