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Home & Business Solutions

Unfiltered Route-Optimized Connectivity, IP MultiCasted TV, VoIP & more

Empowering members and protecting their interests by providing connectivity and a wide variety of critical solutions over exceptional infrastructure
High Quality Home and Business Infrastructure Solutions

Get world-class reliability, speed and service — so your digital life doesn't miss anything!

At UNMETERED.Online we make it fast and easy to connect to what matters. We know you have high expectations to do more, faster on more devices than ever before. So we built a world class network with speeds up to 1 Gbps to handle just about everything. Whether it's providing 100% digital video, more HD channels, or Internet speeds up to 1 Gbps and Unlimited Uncongested Data Transfer as a standard
— our #1 goal is to keep you connected to all the things you love
1,000+ Membership
5+ Years Managed Solutions
18 Countries Scope of Membership
2,000+ Tickets Resolved
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